super annoying pop up every 15 min. = Defense+ Settings

  1. I’m new to that software…used another one. Heard this one was top class so I download it and I’m using it since 3 days ago.
    First: I use Win XP Pro 64 bits (not easy I know…I got several problems because the drivers wont seat here very well…but I need the 8GB ram I have so not option…I hate Vista!)
    Now to install Comodo Internet Security was NOT easy task… My OS won’t let it go through so I had to click several times to ‘press’ windows alerts to make it possible…some error message from OS also show up during installation but I had it go all the way and finally the error window disappear by itself.
    Reboot and scanning complete, found one malware - BTW I can’t find where Comodo Internet Security puts the malware…
    Now it’s here in my tray. The Comodo Internet Security
    My settings are:
    Defense Security Level - Clean PC Mode
    for Firewall security - Training Mode
    I also had set up the programs and the level: allow or not and had the ‘remember my answer’
    Anyway; still the REMINDER window pops up all the time…

This will be followed by the following reminder that you need to switch back to your previous mode:

What do think should I unistall and install again? or just ignore the pop up?

thanks a lot to make it clear for me,

That pop up is from the “Installer or updater” policy. You probably put one or more programs in this policy. “Installer or updater” policy temporarily elevates the rights for a program so you don’t have to allow each individual action while installing. Since the rights were elevated you need to switch back at one point.

You can switch back to the previous mode under Summary → Proactive Defense. Does the pop up go away?

I did - let’s see…I’ll be back if it not work.

ok, it did not go away! keeps coming back…I did as you suggest :-TD above.

You may have one of more programs set to the “Installer or updater” policy. We are going to take them of the list.

Go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → now look through the list and delete or edit each entry that is set to “Installer or updater”. But not the Windows Updater Applications that is set to the “Installer or updater” policy by default.

ok thanks, I did.
Now lets see.
I’ve to go now. Be back tomorrow.THANKS AGAIN :-TU

Personally, running Internet Security on Win7 x64, I ended up disabling the Defence & Security feature as it kept flagging core Windows processes (Comodo even told me they were core - sometimes even signed - Windows processes!!) The only way to make Comodo even usable was to completely disable the service… not really good enough guys

Can you describe what processes get flagged? May be you can post a screenshot of the D+ logss (Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + events).

There are a couple of windows system files that you will get notification of. I see rundll32.exe and services.exe warnings. Both of these files can be called by any program so they are not inherently safe to get a free ticket. I am on Win 7 RC 32 bits.