Sum processes still sandboxed "Partially limited" after I chose 2 "Trust" them!

Hello there!

So, it’s about all in the title already…
I don’t understand why after I mark a process as “Trusted” it would go on to be sandboxed.
Trusted, to me meant obviously I don’t want these to be sandboxed, let alone get treated as “Partially limited” programs… How can I allow absolute full unconditional freedom for these (I mean, sandboxing as partially limited programs like the Windows Calculator totally has to be a joke or something).

Moreover, this in fact has a true impact on them: I just realised eg. one program of mine (that I trust!) called SpeedFan, which I’ve been using for 2 years (until updating Comodo Firewall, that is) to display the temperature of my Hard-Drives + CPU, won’t work anymore cause it appears Comodo is blocking its attempt to write/modify a file in my user’s temp directory!
Needless to say, I tried (several times actually) to mark this program as trusted though…

Does “trusted” has another meaning that I’m not aware of or something? 88)

So in short, why are “trusted” process still not treated as such? And what can I do to have them so? (Like “Extra Mega totally trusted” ;D since it appears only “trusted” is not good enough… :P), ie. NO sandbox and no limitations whatsovever to them.

EDIT: ok, reading further about CIS sandbox onthe forum, it appears if I read correctly that one is in fact unable to unsandbox processes (even after marked as trusted) before actually rebooting the whole system (ie. just restarting said processes or CIS itself won’t help – which just doesn’t make any sense BTW: how the hell can’t it suffice for unsandboxing programs to (at least) restart the sandboxed program or (at most) restart the firewall that sandboxes them?).

This will prove a major flaw to me as a user, as I use my computer for long uptime periods without rebooting, and am already fed up enough as it is with Windows itself requiring at least monthly (and usually much more often than this) to be rebooted, without having to do so too because of my firewall as well every time I install a program that I totally trust in the 1st place anyway.

Guess it’s goodbye Comodo for me now, too bad.

In any case I thank you very much in advancefor taking the time to answer my problem.
– Angar