I’ve just installed CPM, my first impressions are very good, I have just about used all the Uninstallers
that are available, over the years, and I have to say, CPM is up there with some of the best, the idea of
having a DB for unmonitored programs, is a particularly clever option in the program, however I must agree
with comments from other users, it’s going to be some time, before the full benefit of this concept can be

The most recent Uninstallers that I’ve used, have been Revo, and Iobits, both of these are very able programs,but both have draw backs, Revo because it can’t uninstall 64bit programs, unless you buy the Pro version,and Iobit, because it fails to remember previous settings you’ve selected, but to be fair, at the end of the day, you will never get the perfect Uninstaller, but you never know.

There are a couple of suggestions, you might like to consider for CPM,

1.An option in the context menu along side the monitoring option, for a quick uninstall, to save bringing
up the main program everytime, this is not a new idea, it’s been used before in other uninstallers, but it’s
handy to have, to be able to uninstall from the desktop using the icons, and from folders using the main
exe file.

2.I noticed that CPM, suffers one of the same annoying problems, that Iobits program had, and that is, when I selected to change to the icons display, and then closed the program, when I opened CPM the next time, it had reverted back to the listings view, if an option to save changes could be added, this would save the need to keep reselecting everytime.

Finally, I noticed in the online help file, under General Settings/Configure Program Update Settings,that
the options available don’t correspond with the options in the program, in particular, the option to be able
to select “Check for Beta availability”, I for one have always been prepared to try out Beta versions, I think
this always helps to speed up the process of getting programs out of Beta, when users in general, are given the opportunity to give feed back.


Hi Adrian,
For the first suggestion all that i can tell you is that the feature it’s already on his way and will be available for the next CPM release. We will also add an option to save the user list view.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi Alexandru,

Thanks for the reply,

I look forward to the next release.