Hi Comodo Instant Malware Analysis providers,

Your system is really great!
I just would like to make a couple of suggestions to make it the best system available online.

  1. It would be very nice to have at least one printscreen of the sample’s window (like in threatexpert and autovin).
  2. The capacity to have the analysis done from a malware URL as an alternative to a submitted sample (like anubis).
  3. The capacity to analyze downloaded files from trojan downloaders (like threatexpert). However, not only for .exe files, but also for .gif,.jpg,.png-executable files.
  4. The malware URLs would be listed with a comodo analysis link for other users or members (like malc0de database).
  5. The possibility to choose the features you wish to see in the analysis (maybe check-box dialog).

These improvements would turn comodo instant malware analysis the very best malware analyzer solution.

Thanks for the attention,




Great way to check your defenses using a tool from MS.


Another from Secunia PSI

Thank you for sharing that. :slight_smile: