Suggestions for improved Human-Computer Interaction with CIS.

More flexible sandbox options:
I find it a bit annoying to use the sandbox only when I want to. The “always sandbox” option is great, but the flexibility isn’t there. I would like to see an integrated “right click” windows explorer option to “run program in sandbox” followed by a pop-up of the Partially Limited, Limited, etc."

Alerts for Training and Disabled Modes:
Scenario: I go into training mode to install a new program, or I need to share files with another PC on the network, so I want to “temporarily” lower my settings. However, I forget to raise these privileges back up, quite often too.

Proposal Challenge:
If this were to be implemented, I would dislike having a pop-up alerting me all the time about it.

Possible Solution:
Make the Comodo Icon in the taskbar “yellow” and notify by pop-up alert every 30 minutes, with an option to change the frequency of course.

These two options would be much appreciated and in my opinion, improve the usability of the great product that is CIS quite a bit!