Suggestion - user control over "reminder" pop up [Closed]

Suggestion - user control over “reminder” pop up, related to “installation mode”.

I don’t need to be “reminded” by Comodo and I view a popup over which I have no control as intrusive, nagging and ultimately annoying.

It has gotten to the stage where I have simply exited from CPF3 completely rather than be constantly interrupted.

Unless there is a massive security attack or breach, I do NOT want any popups.

Please add this to the wish list of changes.


unless you are installing software all day you shouldn’t be noticed a lot ?!
installation mode is only used when you install new software to “suppress” the load of pop up’s a new install takes.
after installation you should go back to normal mode and there are not more “reminders” to pop up.

The alert box to switch back to install mode is there for a reason. Install mode is only a temporary mode and you need to switch back to your previous mode so your security isn’t jeopardized.

The popup should be under user control. My suggestion for the consideration of the CPF engineers stands.

Really don’t understand.

The installation pop up only occurs when installing an application (Then after it will ask you to go back to previous mode, and you click ‘Yes’). We never had a complaint on this pop up.


Do you know why that alert is there telling you to switch back out of install mode? Do you know what it really means?

I know what it means that you cross post!

Vettetech don’t troll my posts and stop spamming the board!

[b]P O P




Pop ups comes with any security program that is doing its job properly. If you don’t want pop ups then I suggest you uninstall Comodo and look elsewhere.

I have used Online Armor, Zone Alarm, Outpost, Kerio and Comodo. They all have pop ups.

Unless you can give some real feedback on the questions asked, i think you are spamming the board with nothing other then comment without telling us at what point you have with those pop ups.
And i don’t think the dev’s will take you serious at all this way…

I know pop up’s can be annoying but good security out-of-the-box with out pop up’s is far from now.
Just install it without D+ and set your firewall to training mode you have a firewall with less pop up’s ! and less security.

Hi all,

This thread looks like tempers are flaring. Please keep your cool, or the topic will be locked.

Sygate was cool…cfp 3 is cool, can you please answer the questions asked by fellow members to help us respond more efficiently to your comment? Any suggestions you may have are always welcome, and can be added to the wishlist if you require.


mike6688, do you understand the difference between a “suggestion” and a “comment”?

I made a suggestion. Learn the difference. You demand answers to questions?!

I don’t know why Vettetech cross posts, is a troll and post addict!

I don’t know why 3xist doesn’t understand that pop ups are annoying!

I don’t know why Ronny is demanding answers when what I have said is self explanatory to even a simpleton!

I don’t know why you, mike6688, think you have the right to demand answers to what, what exactly?

Why I see the pop ups? Why I find such annoying? Why I even bother to post a suggestion here?!

Talk about a fascist, sycophantic board!

Read my post at the top of this page. It says all you need to know. Either take it on board or don’t, but don’t go harassing people who make suggestions or they won’t post here and you will end up with even more sycophants and posts addicts than you already have.

Go ahead and close this topic then, as I obviously wasted my time. Have all the pop up messages you want. Do whatever you want!

The user has removed his account from the forum, so I see no reason to continue the discussion with him. Topic closed.