Suggestion to improve deletion of some particular spams

Hi Junhua, Eric,
I hope I’m not anoying with my “cases”, but i’d like to open another one with some spams I encounter pretty regularly…
Looking through the headers I saw two particular things: first of all, some email address rubrics (like Delivered-to, X-Originating-Email, X-Sender, From) have my own email address, and the second, in most of the cases (not all) X-Originating-IP have a non-internet IP address like [448.4.10.58]…
I don’t know how usual is to send yourself an email (I don’t have this kind of habits), but if this is not a good reason to delete instantly (automaticaly) this kind of spams, pehaps that non-internet IP could be a good one in order to decrease the number of quarantined emails and account ocupied space on server.
By the way, blocking my own email address do not delete them instantly, but put them into quarantine list.Those emails are obviousely spams and I think that could be deleted without any check.
You may found some samples of this kind of spams in attached file.
Hope that this could improve the 2.5 version I’m looking forward to see as soon as posible.

Best regards

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Hi Adyb:

      Thanks for your samples. I thinks it's will be very helpful.

Hi Junhua, Eric,
looking to the last flow of spams that reach my account, after McColo’s “death”, I have observed that a big part of them have sender’s address like ?@?, where wilcard ? act as usual and represent any character string of any lenghth, but the base domain is constantly “”.Probably is another spam technique.
I don’t kow how hard could be to implement a filter with a wildcard mask address, but I think that could eliminate automaticaly a lot of spams before beeing quarantined, which will decease the number of autentification messages sent by CAS, and the whole activity on server.
Pehaps in the future version?.. (:WIN)


Hi Adyb:

    Wonderful ideas!
    A customizable filter sounds a good solution  :THNK