Suggestion for Defense+

hello, I’m new here.

well, I once made a mistake by not letting an updater connect to the internet.
therefore, that given program will not start anymore… it’s not a big problem that needs fixing, in fact, I don’t care too much…

but, I thought, how about if Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy had a Search function so that you can more easily change a security policy to a program? I think I have a few hundred programs in that list right now, so it’s not easy finding one. I figure I could “override” the security policy by re-adding the same program, but Search would be a lot more comfortable, I believe.

:-TU CF.

Hello Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
This has already been suggested.

If you have anything else in the future you would like added or changed to CPF3 please post in the “Wish List”