Suggestion For Comodo Firewall

It is a great program, but it should have seperate icon then launchpad in the system tray and also the icon shoud show the in/out internet traffic like ZA or Kerio. Anything else it is a great program. Thank you all. (V)

*EDIT: I was reading some previous messages on the board, then I saw CPF going to have seperate icon, but still it should display the in/out traffic on the icon.

Hi and welcome,

This has been mentioned on the wishlist for showing activity like ZA, so it may be implemented. If you have any other requests feel free to add them to the wishlists.

Again welcome to Comodo and the forums,

Sorry I didnt look to wish list, can we see that in 2.3?

This won’t be in 2.3 - which will be released thursday. But, it may be in the next version.