Suggestion for Comodo Dragon

I must say I have found Comodo Dragon to be far and away the superior product in the Chromium browser family. I prefer to carry a lot of tabs on my browser, and I have found that Comodo Dragon can handle 50 or more tabs much better than Google Chrome and SRWare Iron / Chromium can handle 10. I also like the added security features on Comodo Dragon.

One improvement I would like to see on Comodo Dragon is an option to toggle all of the user’s extensions on or off. That would be quite useful when the browser’s CPU or memory usage is too hjgh, as sometimes happens when it starts up. It would be much preferable to having to disable extensions one by one.

Hi conceptualclarity,
Please add a poll.
The add poll function is near the bottom of the page.
Thank you.

One of the following extensions may suit your requirements.
One-Click Extensions Manager
Disable Extensions Temporarily

Kind regards.