suggestion for CIS

I wish to express a suggestion for the next update CIS:

1- That after each update virus definitions, the files in the quarantine are automatically rechecked.
If this feature already exists, I apologize, but I do not see it working!

2- Automatic sending of unknown or suspicious files for analysis. And efficiently, because the current version does not effect me send an unknown file directly from CIS. I have sent a false positive and passed months and even then the file was still detected by the CIS, only when the file sent by the website is that it in fact been analyzed and updated definitions. Something unnecessary. Do send through the CIS to be automatic and efficient analysis, which is functional.

For now, only that the claim of the CIS, this need I have to go to a website to send an unknown file, to be analyzed, and the fact that I have to restore the file from quarantine to see if he had already examined and considered safe because the CIS not reexamines rquivos quarantined after virus definition update!

  1. I personally don’t think this is a good idea since, if I recall correctly, CIS updates virus definitions quite often which would mean that your computer would be under pretty much constant scanning and probably wouldn’t even finish the prior scan before a new scan is needed. Or perhaps I misunderstood your idea?

  2. I agree with this one, sending a file using CIS should be the same as uploading it using a website, even better if you could enter an e-mail address which it uses to confirm arrival of the file and then reports the final of the analysis.

  1. That’s not the idea. :slight_smile: Just rechecked the quarantined files after updating virus definitions.

OH! That makes sense… I think? But why re-check the files in the quarantine? They’ve already been identified as harmful, or did you perhaps mean that if a file is falsely accused by CIS, it would then be re-checked each definition update to see if it has been removed?

Yes, for the case of a file is falsely accused by CIS, it would then be re-checked each definition update to see if it has been removed. :slight_smile: