Suggestion for CFP

Hi there!

I have a suggestion for CFP. Whenever I review my Network Security Policy or Computer Security Policy with application settings/application name I have to click on very single “-” since they are all expanded and I have alot of rules. A button to collapse all or minimize all would be nice, instead of singleclicking for along time. Easier for me to find what rule or application I want to edit when they are all minimized.

Would be nice if that could be implemented or maybe I have missunderstood and there already are a simular function. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading this.
Have a nice summervacation to you all (CLY)

post deleted as it is irrelevant

A case of hidden features :wink:

Click on the “Application name” in the network policy and there you go.
Click on the “Application name” and type CTRL-F and you can search your rules.

Same goes for the Computer Security Policy.

Thanks for info. hitherto I didn’t know about the search function.

Thank you, didn’t know about that feature. (:HUG)