[Suggestion]Event Log for Allowed Actions(for Defense+)

Defense+ don’t log any actions allowed by its rules, but I sometimes need to test virus within a sandbox and want to allow all actions but record all of them. Logging all the actions allowed is quite efficient for me.

You can edit all the rules and check the box to log everything if you so desire. Please note this will create a rather large file to read.

Sorry but I cannot find where “log everything” checkbox is. Where is it?
It is said in Help (in “View Defense+ Events”) that:

The 'View Defense+ Events' area contains logs of all actions taken by the Defense+. A 'Defense+ Event' is triggered whenever an application makes an attempt to access memory, other programs, the registry etc. that [b]contravenes your Computer Security Policy.[/b]

I think John means the following. For the Firewall you would need to edit the Global Rules to log all. For D+ you most likely end up editing the rules for all applications.

Sounds like you all know how to do it, but I don’t understand. I asked the question in the “Defense+ Help” forum.

I rechecked the rules. There is no logging option with D+ rules, only with the firewall rules.
This would be a good wish.