[Suggestion] Comodo SandBox

Just want to make a suggestion regarding COMODO SANDBOX.
Let just say that I start a process start a process through Internet explorer, for example a downloaded application, and due to the fact that Internet Explorer is running in SandBox, the application that I download and run will be executed inside SandBox too.
Now when I close Internet explorer the application still runs.
And this is my suggestion, make an option that stops all tasks started by the parental application, Internet Explorer in this case. This option exists in kaspersky, and I kind a like it :stuck_out_tongue:
Another idea is to have a option that allows user to restore the application to its initial state once it is closed.
For example if I change something in Internet explorer while running it inside SandBox and want it back to its original state I have to delete the folder created in “virtualRoot”.

One more could be added that once downloaded an app using Browser running Sandboxed, it should give an option to restore it to the path we downloaded and avoid to go manually to Vritual Root folder and then search at that path for it…
This one exit in SandBoxie…