Suggested Improvemnets

Hello Mates,

I am a strong proponent of all Comodo products. I am a big fan and rely upon CIS 7, Dragon, IceDragon and BackUp as an integrated system of protection.

In particular, I think CIS 7, properly configured and used with discipline, offers solid protection against just about any malware to be encountered. Yet, as with virtually any product, there are always features that can be improved.

So I offer these as measured, well-meaning suggestions to create a better “user experience.”

I would like to see improved

  1. Malware detection; and the addition of an
  2. Anti-keylogger detection/protection for keylog malware that can slip past the sandbox; and the addition of
  3. Integrated secure banking feature(s); and better
  4. Anti-phising capabilities.

Firstly, my experience with CIS verifies that it has only a fair - not great and not terrible - malware detection rate. To be perfectly honest I am surprised, as well as a bit disappointed, that even some well documented malware with established signatures initially gets past Defense+.

The bottom line is that I would have a much better experience using CIS if I did not have the need to concomitantly install and use Malwarebytes.

Finally, some will no doubt question item (2) above since CIS does offer a degree of protection against keyloggers that penetrate the sandbox. While enabling Enhanced protection mode and Block all unknown requests when the application is not running under the firewall’s advanced settings is an effective anti-keylogger countermeasure, this configuration is quite disruptive to daily use as it blocks legitimate applications. An additional “layer” of protection against keyloggers would instill greater confidence in CIS.

I think item (3) is one that can be an excellent opportunity for Comodo to differentiate its core product from its competition. Honestly, like millions of others, I feel uncomfortable with online financial transactions to the extent that I very, very rarely use the internet to bank, invest or shop. Integrating online banking features in CIS may involve nothing more than the addition of Dragon/IceDragon security and privacy tweaks and a sandbox quick-launch button built-in to the browser. These suggestions are not absolutely necessary as they can be accomplished through settings and addons, but I think they are nevertheless useful to the uninitiated (the set-it-and-forget-it type) and perhaps, even, add a touch of elegance. Personally, I would pay for solid, added secure-financial-transaction features. :wink:

Anti-phising and web-filtering/blocking (4) have never been one of Comodo’s strenghts; secureDNS is marginal at best and active anti-phising is virtually nonexistent. It’s one area where Comodo’s products are sorely lacking so that makes this one a no-brainer.

These suggestions are guaranteed to generate passionate debate as to their benefit(s) or necessity. It’s impossible to be all things to all people. What one thinks is best varies widely, but I think I’ve addressed areas that are basic to the typical average computer user. As always, it’s a balancing act of features versus system resources and the developer’s approach to protection and their efforts at keeping up with malware’s high rate of change…

If anything my motivation is this: I rely upon Comodo’s products so it is only natural that I want them to be better.