suggest some SpeedDial extension.

Suggest some good Speed Dial extensions for this and other chrome based browsers. I just tried three of them and two fail completely, and another tracks my location, something that no kind of extension should do unless the description says that it does this. I am interested in knowing about ANY good extensions for Speed Dial, hopefully similar to the way the feature worked in Opera 12.

It would be helpful to know which ones you have already tried.

I tried SpeedDial2, SpeedDial3, Simple Speed Dial, and something that started with FVD. I have not tried FVD yet. Installed but disabled it while I tested others.

Now I just tried FVD, and I could not reach any page. Even the home page or new tab page brought up a page saying page could not be reached or loaded. I am starting to believe that CD cannot work with a Speed Dial and these extensions interfere with the browser’s functioning.

When i used chrome i liked fvd speed dial. I use fast dial on firefox, it looks like its also made for chrome.

I’m using Speed Dial 2 for a while now without any issues, even with outdated versions (pretty much always) of CD.

The tries that I made were on Comodo Dragon current version as portable, and on Superbird v37 as portable. I use CD mostly in and tested the speeddials in Incognito mode; similar with Superbird (which uses an extension designed to make a window incognito). Tried with Enabled the speed dials in incognito modes.

I have not yet tried any speed dial in actual Google Chrome.

(Windows Vista, laptop)

Another bad one I tried: Lightening Speed Dial.
It was nice and simple at first, but then the program would not give or let any way to rearrange or reorder the link displays on the page. Also, the extension would not maintain the adjusted choice of bookmark/ saved sites; but instead, would put back all the original links with which it came loaded when first installed.
No good. I removed the extension.

Comodo Dragon, any good speed dial extensions other than the ones some members previously mentioned?

I use FVD, it works great.