Sudden switch to desktop due to firewall activity

I’m sorry if this has been discussed already, but I couldn’t find the subject on it (as I didn’t know what to look for).

I’m very happy with my copy of Comodo Firewall Pro as it is, but sometimes when I’m using my computer for games, the system suddenly swaps to desktop and I notice that a small icon resembling the firewall’s logo (the blue shield with the flame), though slightly altered (looks like there’s a “V” in it iirc), has appeared in the downright corner of the screen, next to the Comodo traffic icon, the time etc.

It goes away and I can return to my previous task, but it can be quite annoying, so I was wondering what it is and if there’s a way to turn it off?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

This sounds like it is the automatic updater of CPF. You can disable the updater if you wish under security>advanced>miscellaneous>uncheck ‘automatically check for program file updates’ and ‘automatically check comodo certified applications updates’.

You can run these manually by opening CFP and selecting updater at the top.


I’m having the same problem, but I don’t want to disable auto-updates. Is there a workaround? This occurs not just for full screen games, but for all applications; it seems as though the updater steals the focus. For regular applications (ie windowed applications), the process is so short that it is hard to notice that the top window isn’t the active one, but it still occurs. Also, I believe the updater runs every hour or so; is there a way to decrease the frequency of the run, to say, once a week?



In the current version, I’m afraid there is no workaround. This may be added in a later version, and you can add it to the wishlist if you wish.