sucure DNS + Site inspector

Are they going to integrate site inspectors blacklist into the comodo secure dns?

While checking WebInspector detection links, I have noticed that SecureDNS replies with two different screens.
Why is that?

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Just a guess…
1st screenshot - Comodo DNS old
2nd screenshot - Comodo DNS new

Yeah…but why does it show 2 different styles for new sites?
It should look like Pic.2 only…

BTW, I’m using SecureDNS inside Dragon only.

Always, I receive comodo malware alerts like that:

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The website is blacklisted in WebInspector.

  1. How long does it take to get into SecureDNS blacklist?
  2. Are both categories added (red and yellow)?
  3. Is only direct link to the specified file blocked or also the whole domain?