Subscription? License? Help plz ...


I have a small question. I have Internet Security Pro 10 (v10.0.1.6223) and 10 days left on sub. Yet, it is showing an orange alert with a message: “You need to activate your license to continue using this product” …
All I want is to use the basic free service like I have for more than 10 years.

I tried talking to Geekbuddy reps, but sorry to say that they do not seem very helpful, and all they kept repeating is “we need you to pay to get better protection” and left me hanging. I get that, but I just want the free service that you are advertising!!

  • Why is CIS insinuating that my product is not working right now if I have 10 days left on the sub?
  • More importantly. is my CIS working properly right now? Because all I see is this big orange alert on my task bar icon. Is this like a nag screen but everything is working fine behind it?
  • How can I switch to the free service? I looked and I cannot see any option to do that. Do I have to wait 10 days for the sub to run out for that option to appear?

Ty kindly for any help.

No replies?

Subscription services such as GeekBuddy are all you are paying for.
CIS is free, complete, and unhindered always.

Should I ignore this big orange warning “You need to activate your license to continue using this product” that is asking for “my attention” and needs me to FIX IT?
Is my actual CIS Pro 10 working properly atm despite the above?
Will it switch to the free version after 7 days when my sub runs out or how can I switch?

It is supposed to switch to free, yes.
You are still protected. :slight_smile: