Subscribed ?

Received a notice with the Comodo logo saying there were updates for my security. I clicked on yes to install. Then it gives me large box telling me I have "subscribed " to ? what I do not know.
MORE security ?? I have been using the free download from Comodo for Antivirus and Firewall.
Is this not avail anymore ?
How do I “unsubscribe” to whatever was installed if there is a fee ?
Thank You.

Hi Marj,

I believe the welcome window from Comodo is the same for the paid and the free version. Don’t worry, you have nothing to pay. CIS premium remains free and you even have Geek Buddy free for two months if you wish with the free version of CIS.


OH ! THANK YOU ! This great relief.
I tell everyone about COMODO. What can I do for COMODO ? I signed up but sofar only got the Sandbox to test. I am Grateful for COMODO. It is the Best Security I have ever had.
from Marj