Subnets ignored by Comodo

I’ve set Comodo to trust and log one Zone of computers and to block and log unrequested IP traffic in from any other source.

CIS blocks and logs all IP in to the computer other than the trusted Zone on the same subnet. OK!
Traffic from other subnets is ignored and allowed to freely pass through the firewall with no logging though traffice from my own subnet is blocked. BAD

If I delete the firewall entries to allow one Zone to pass through the firewall, then all traffic is blocked! OK!

I manage ten machines and have the same issue on all ten.

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Bit beyond me.

Maybe Ronny or Dennis can lend a hand with this?

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Can you please export one config and send me a PM on how to exchange it.
Analyzing the config will make finding the issue much more easy.


PM sent

If the OP is trying to allow trafic to/from (fro example) the 172.16.X.X subnet and block everything else, woud the following firewall rule satisfy;

Action : BLOCK (AND LOG)
Protocol : IP
Direction : IN/ANY

Exclude : ON
Source Address : ZONE (Zone for 17.16.X.X subnet)

Exclude : ON
Destination Address : ZONE (Zone for 17.16.X.X subnet)

Source Port : ANY
Destination Port : ANY

I"ve used this method in the past successfully, but haven’t tried it on V5.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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