Submitting suspicious files

I’ve just moved from CFP/CAVS to CIS. CIS immediately detected three infected files and quarantined them.

As they weren’t detected by CAVS 2.0 I thought I would submit them to Comodo to double check. However the quarantine folder is inaccessible (which I can part understand!).

Is there any way to double check files in this folder?

Any help appreciated and thanks for the great products.

All The Quarantined Items Are Listed Under “Quarantined Items”

CIS > Antivirus > Quarantined Items

Did this help?


Thanks for your reply.

I can see the files in the quarantined list and that gives me the options to restore, clear etc.

What I was wondering if there is any way to submit them for checking? On the CIS screen there is an option to “Submit suspicious files”. Clicking this takes you to an explorer type window - if you try and navigate to the Comodo Quarantine folder you get an “inaccessible” message.

It looks like the only way to upload a suspicious, quarantined, file is to restore it and then navigate to its original folder. As it’s suspicious that’s not something I want to do but I would like to double check the quarantined files somehow.