Submitting Quarantined files to website directly

Hi all,

I wish to to see the feature to directly send quarantined file to so it will be easier for users to see if quarantined files is malware or not. as that file will be scanned by many antivirus.
At times i noticed i can not send certain files which are quarantined by CAV because path is big enough to trace, and also there are files in system restore at times which are quarantined so it will be really benificial in my view to add this feature of directly sending files to website to see if other antivirus softwares also found that file as virus or not, bcoz at times there are false positives also.

Please everyone respond to What you think about above Wish.

??? Submitting the file to virustotal (or similar sites) will give back the same result.

Assuming Comodo is one of the vendors used by the site, it will come up as infected and the final result will show the file as infected. If that was not enough, you can almost guarantee that several of the other mostly unknown vendors will also detect something in the file and mark it as a virus. It happens all the time whether the file is actually a virus or not. This will not help the user in anyway. If the user is smart, they will submit the file to Comodo, quarantine the file for the time being, and rescan the file at a later time… unless they are 100% sure that the file is safe in which case why would they upload it to virustotal?

Thanks for reply your point is true also but what i m saying is, if its false positve and got quarantined by CAV, then user can submit that file to comodo team that option is there and users use it also, but what if they want to test if its really false positive or not, then if there is option they can directly send file to or sites there the file will be scanned by 30 or more reputed antivirus with up to date virus signature, so say for example 50% or more antivirus detected file as malware then its more sure that its malware, and not FP.

Not agree.
It sholu be send to Comodo AvLab.

@Petit what i m saying is when malware is quarantined then there is option to submit if to comodo, that thing i also do, but what if one wants to test if the same file which is quarantined is considered as malware by top 30 antiviruses, that can be handy feature. As based on it user can make decision, rather than just considered file to be FP and restoing it,
Why that feature is needed in “Quarantined Items” because some path for malware is so deep and complex say for example :- malware found in system volume information, so it becomes very difficult to find it.
Thanks for reply Petit

I mean if Comodo website have a “Virus Encyclopedia” it’s good to gather virus information or top virus detected.

I don’t believe that this would be a necessary addition to CIS. What there should be is that instead of just one submit button in the quarantine, there should be two. One should be marked for False Positives, and the other should be for submitting suspicious files. If the file is submitted as a FP it should be rushed to the front of the list to be checked and (if confirmed) fixed within a few hours.

Also, I hope that files submitted from the quarantine are analyzed more quickly then files submitted through CIS.

This is why I think it may be useful option:

When you bump into a file that’s being detected as virus and it gets to then quarantine, you can send it to Comodo.

But what if you want to check that file against more AV engines and share results, e.g. on a forum? You can’t do that when the file is quarantined, you have to restore it, then add to exclusions when it’s detected again, then submit it to virustotal of whatever similar service you may use. Then remove the file from exclusions again, let AV detect it and quarantine it once more. That’s a pretty long list of actions, isn’t it?

I don’t think Comodo should prefer some particular service to submit files to, like virustotal, but rather come up with something, that’d make quarantined files accessible under some conditions to certain applications (web browsers?), to make it easier for user to submit suspicious file to 3rd party online scanners.