submitting files to be analized

Today when I submitted a file and the access was set on partiality limited, the submit was successful, but when I tried to submit another file a while ago when I had the settings set on block or untrusted, it refused to send the file because, according to the message it gave me, was that the file couldn’t be opened and therefore couldn’t be submitted. How could I get it to submit the file even if it is on blocked or untrusted?

You can’t because all access is blocked, so it cannot read it to upload it.

Well then how can you submit a file and keep your computer from being damaged at the same time?

Hi Rman87,

You can upload your file for testing here :-
or at VirusTotal :-
and then bookmark the result page/s as you will need the web address.

If the file is classed as ‘safe’ you can post a link to the result page here for whitelisting :- Comodo Forum