Submit Wizard freezes after Scan

After running a full system scan I was eventually presented with the ‘submit wizard’ which showed me a window full of files not on the safe-list.

Thinking to submit them to Comodo for analysis, I clicked in the ‘select all’ box.
Nothing appeared to happen.
I clicked the ‘submit’ button.
Instead of responding with the graphic representation of the button being pressed, nothing happened.
Having experienced something of this nature before I allowed some time for the machine to respond.

I returned 15 minutes later.
Nothing had changed.
I opened Windows Task Manager and examined the Processes list.
No Comodo processes were active except for an intermittent spurt of activity from BoClean (which is normal).
I waited a few more minutes but there was no activity from any CAV processes.
I switched to the Tasks window of Task Manager to check if the program was listed as ‘not responding’.
It was listed as ‘running’.
I elected to end the task whereupon Windows informed me that the program was awaiting a response from me.

I cancelled the window and attempted to get a response from the submit wizard whilst watching Task Manager’s Processes list.
Nothing of any significance happened, in either the submit wizard window or the processes list.
I switched back to the tasks list, elected to ‘end task’ and clicked ‘end now’
I closed the ‘Scan’ window and contemplated whether this program has been compromised or whether I have re-encountered an inherent flaw.

Considering that the only benefit I need from a security program is a feeling of confidence in the security of my system, I now feel that confidence undermined and am contemplating how to restore it.
I hope that some-one can help me do this without having to suffer the anxieties of uninstalling one security suite only to install an untrained, unfamiliar suite.

Hi Freegan, I appreciate your stopping by, welcome!! Let me see if I can help you out some. First, to your problem. CAVS 2 is still a beta which means it has the possibility of being inherently buggy. There are still quite a few kinks in this piece of software even though for some it works flawlessly.

I’ve experienced exactly what you’re saying, which, if I’m correct is just that the “Submit Wizard” isn’t doing anything but sitting there looking pretty. One way in which I was able to solve this was not submit all my files at one time and just a few at a time. At least in my case it appeared that selecting a few would allow the process to continue (though it would inevitably hang on me later). So to answer one of your questions, yes, I believe this is an inherent flaw in the current version of the antivirus. I’ve seen it reported previously. CAVS 2 has most likely not been compromised by malware if thats what you’re thinking.

As for security in your system, first I must say I love the way you worded it. Most people just derive confidence from knowing everything is working how it should, and not much else.

If you feel that CAVS2 is no longer for you then I would suggest uninstalling it completely. If you have the proper tools and knowledge (no disrespect intended) a registry cleaning might even be in order. Afterwards, if you want another antivirus people rave about Avast, AVG is also a good product, Others have also recommended Avira. Personally, I stick with Avast even though I despise their user interface.

Comodo Antivirus V.3.0 beta is currently in development and should be out within the next few weeks (bear in mind, I’ve been saying that for months). It is supposed to be a drastic improvement over CAVS 2.0 beta.

Until then, I use Comodo Firewall Pro with Defense+ and feel protected enough. I’ve gone weeks without an AV and am still clean. Your mileage may vary, but its safe to say it’s an amazing firewall. I encourage you to try it out if you have not already.

On that website you have the option of purchasing AV Smart warranty with the firewall or without warranty. They are both the same firewall, all the same features (exactly) just one comes with a warranty of sorts which you can read about on the site.

I apologize for the long, overdrawn posting. I do that sometimes.


Thanks psych1610.

I much appreciate your reassurances regarding the ongoing security of my system.

I think I can live with the occasional peccadillo of my current installation if it is not symptomatic of infection.

I, currently, have firewall, antispam, antivirus and antispyware all from Comodo in the expectation that there should be no conflicts and I’m content to wait for upgrades to become available that should iron out any inconsistencies.

I have tried a number of the freeware versions of the products that you mentioned and even tried Online Armor having read reports of its superiority. None of them, I found, was quite as ‘user friendly’ as Comodo’s products, some of them not quite as thorough at blocking intrusions either.

I must admit to a ‘belt and braces’ approach, having collected a number of freeware security scanning products, a selection of which I occasionally run to check the efficacy of the Comodo products. To date, they have not detected anything of any seriousness that has slipped past and those minor issues they do detect are invariably due to my having granted permission to an innocuous applet.
This exercise, alone, gives me confidence that Comodo has a refined product (with just the right level of discrimination and the right amount of user-control) and reminds me to remain alert to the information presented in the ‘pop-ups’.

You apologised for the length of your post.
You may have noticed that I, too, suffer the same ‘affliction’.
Hence, no apology necessary.

Brevity is rarely enlightening.
Conciseness is rarely comprehensive.