Submit sites here showing advertising you believe should be blocked.

Please post in this topic, links to sites showing advertisements you believe should be blocked by PrivDog.
Note: Depending on settings, trusted advertising or advertising that originate from a page’s domain may not be blocked.

Please do not post links to sites that may contain malware or maybe offensive and not appropriate for general viewing.
If unsure if a site is suitable to post, please PM an active Moderator and the information will be passed onto Staff.

Thank you.

Flash ads on this news website:

You know this new area of Privdog on where you can post links that you think that need to be blocked.

I thought I ask these Questions: About what Links to Provide in this area.

For example if I go to a site and I notice Privdog Counter start counting. and It blocks all the ads, but what if it’s area under the Sanitized Ads:
Do we leave them, as I noticed Melih saying Sanitized Ads: are our infrastructure.?

Or Example 2 I go to a site and I see 9 and counting up and say 3 of them are Sanitized Ads and the rest are trackers and other stuff! Then is it at that point we can put the link of that site under this section so that the Staff can block?

So what do you think



Hi Nige_39,

  1. I guess if you have not selected ‘Block all Ad Networks’ and you have advertising blocked that you believe should not be, well then post them here stating the reason why they should be allowed.

  2. Even if a site is containing only one advertisement you believe should be blocked and numerous other advertisements you believe should be allowed, well yes post the link for investigation.

I hope that helps.

Good Question, and thanks captainsticks

Well I have Block all Ad Networks active and I have been to a few sites where Privdog has been busy counting up all the Numbers.

I have of course told the Comodo staff of a site to be check and fixed. But that was another part of Forum under Privdog.

But with having this new section it is much better to report links in one place, than telling the comodo staff it’s in that section etc.

But thanks anyway for your help captainsticks



It would be good know, so I will let the Comodo Staff look over it, and let them advise us.

On What ads to block if you have Block all Ad Networks and you have a lot of Numbers caught under Privdog

Like for Example:
Sanitized Ads: 6
Trackers: 9
3rd Party Wigets: 3
Statistics: 2
3rd Party Cookies: 1

I shall leave it up to you to decide.



Will check it. As i can see, there is numerous flash ads of one system.

Thank you.

Let me explain one moment.
When it comes to display advertisements, we have two modes, “Deliver TrustedAds” and “Block all Ad Networks”. When first is selected, which is default, any display ad, which is sanitized by us has a mark at bottom-right of ad as "AT-M Ad.

When you see “AT-M Ad”, it means PrivDog has taken care and if you see an ad but do not see “AT-M Ad” statement at bottom-right, you can report here the link of the page and we will look at it.

Thanks for all your feedback.

Hi oyaremchuk,
Thank you for the above information and for all your help it is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yahoo mail shows a background ad on the login page at Yahoo. The ad is not related to Yahoo, currently it’s for Lufthansa.

There is several ad blocked by us, and i can’t find any more. Maybe you could point me to them more clearly?

Indeed, got it for future block.

Thank you for feedback.

Dangerous ads on this page are not blocked.

Checked and saved for work.

Thank you.

Here is one to be Checked > when you choose a show to watch you get lot of pop-ups and different sites come up hidden (Not all the time) Mainly Audio or Music And Flash pop-up and Webpages. So when your watching a video you hear a hidden one at the same time. And Privdog goes nuts.

Edited: On what I typed.


An Update:

I’m looking forward to when this sites gets fix from all the ads, Pop-ups and webpages that jump up in all different places.

But I will have to wait until oyaremchuk gets time to fix it.

We will try to fight with those pop-ups on next Monday.

Thank you.

Thank you oyaremchuk

There is a targeted ad on this page which is not blocked or replaced.