Submit Malware Here To Be Blacklisted 2024

Hello All Please submit here malware to be Blacklisted by Comodo/Xcitium
Submit from following Links:
2:VirusTotal VirusTotal
3:CIMA Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis
Please note that Comodo/Xcitium can also Blacklist files with SHA1 so you can also drop SHA1

Please us Valkyrie links. CAMAS showing invalid certificate.

Edited your links.

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Hello EricCrypted the certificate is invalid Comodo/Xcitium will fix it soon

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Thanks. I’d replaced your links with Valkyrie ones by the time I saw your reply.

Yes but camas is now Valkyrie

SHA1: b007b8d14450de3a633f7f62b7c5876aa09457e5

Hi Staff
Blacklist them Thanks TU :slight_smile:

How can you be so sure about Comodo fix CAMAS certificate soon?
CAMAS is dead since 2018!
Do you start pretending being a staff member or a mod again?

its not dead CAMAS is integreated in Valkyrie its Static and Dynamic Analysis if it was dead there would be No Static and Dynamic Behavioral Analysis

I shouldn’t laugh at that however…:rofl:

im just saying that CAMAS is not dead and if it was dead there would be no Static and Dynamic Behavioral Analysis and why is everyone laughing at me and its rude to me

I laughed because I thought it was funny. Sorry if you think it’s rude to you however unfortunately it is the truth.

My colleague has told you to use Valkyrie links for good reason and you are continuing to ignore sensible advice.

Yes but CAMAS is perfectly working fine like 10 years ago i dont see the problem

Valkyrie link does work, CAMAS link does not work because certificate is only valid for Valkyrie link so CAMAS (link) is dead, that’s the point.
As we all know Comodo doesn’t clean up their house…

Yes but CAMAS is Static and Dynamic Analysis so it does work if Camas was dead there would be no static analysis and dynamic analysis it would always fail


Thank you for sharing these samples, we’ll check them.

Best regards,

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Hello Staff SHA1: b6186445b5113477ca94283ff879d4a9401f882f


Thank you for sharing this sample, we’ll check it.

Best regards

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