"Submit files to Comodo for analysis" Website Suggestion (poll)

Hi Comodo Team and Friends,
I have a suggestion for “Submitting Suspicious Website”. :-La

if we have “a” suspicious or false-pos. this website is enough but I have lots of them for submitting 88) You can say now "Why don’t you use “Submit file” via CIS?..You are right but sometimes this property did not work regularly for me and another friends. and there are Comodo Lovers who does not use CIS or any other Comodo Product ? Am I right ?
I just want to give an example for this… Avira’s submission site looks and works perfect in this situation…You can send 5 files or 20MB suspicious at one time :-TU just drag n drop then click submit …
Why Comodo has not this easy to use way ?
I hope you got my point friends and web dev. of Comodo :smiley:

As has already been said by someone from the mods.
The best way to send - it’s a forum.
P.S. By the way, I would not advise sending through CIS.
There were a cases of inability to remove entries from the lists sent. (The easy way).

The best place to submit your samples would definitely be the forum. Now I agree that Avira has great web based submission form, but they don’t have the forum based one. Please always submit your samples throught CIS as they will be uploaded to cima.comodo.security.com, all samples identified as suspicious+/++ will be automatically removed. The rest are suitable for submission as they could not get an automated classification.

BTW, the CIS submissions are handled with low priority.

other vendors can get our samples vai forum ? 'cause of this submission site or via CIS seems better I thınk ?
Am I right friends ?

And it’s a great mystery.? ;D
Let them know that the forum is working.

Others don’t need to come here to get samples by the way.

why ? they can get ready samples via forum? If I am exaggerated ;D they steal from us :-TD