Submit files gets stuck "uploading" when submitting certain 64 bit executables

When uploading the file list to Comodo it seems that some 64 bit version of exe. files do not get uploaded and the gets stuck “uploading”.

The files it got stuck on uploading were the 64 bit version of Speccy, and the 64 bit version of Recuva. the file submission stops as soon as it gets to the files and does not upload them no matter how long I wait, and I have to stop the submission process and start again, excluding the file. It does not appear to be a file size limitation because Recuva is less than 5Mb.

I atempted uploading my files again and now it is stuck on C:\windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\pdfprnui.dll

it even seems to get stuck on 64 bit drivers too.

Comodo firewall 10

Windows 10 Pro 1703

Hi, aweir14150.

Thank you for reporting. Could you please check now?

Kind Regards,