Submit Applications you want to be made trusted here. [USE 2011 THREAD]

Hey guys I thought we could make a list of applications you want to have made trusted… (this includes non signed applications also)

Now dont get !ot! :smiley:

Please add a link to download.

If your a company read here:
Trusted Vendor List - SignUp

Please also check if a application is already trusted here.

Thanks guys. ;D

All legit applications that are not yet in the Comodo whitelist.

happy downloading ! ;D


That could be done by heading over to or Filehippo.

But if you have any name, sure would help!

rules for utorrent would be nice :slight_smile:


Utorrent is in the safe list…

Then why does it pop-up on my pc?


You in safe mode?

The installer and droped fiels are makerd with a trusted Digital Signature.

Signature name is BitTorrent Inc Check if its in your trusted Venders list.

checked it, it’s there. for some strange reason it gave me an alert… nah, doesn’t matter…

What about drivermax ? it’s a free driver app :


Will probably be added in v4!
Cryteck will also be added to safe list!

eXPerience…maybe you got a firewall alert for Utorrent. I noticed that the safe list only applies for D+ (I think).

Laserwraith… maybe you’re right. I’ll check ;D

do we need to be this cryptic ? Btw, why aren’t you online on msn anymore?


Cryptic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows Live Messenger was too big…and it kept making itself start on startup >:(.

And I never used it :stuck_out_tongue:

Then use pidgin or something else :).


It maybe added to safe list also!

Thx for reporting it. ;D :smiley:


Maplestory may also be added…

This list is now offical so do post what you want made trusted.

I don’t know if it was previously added or not but I would like to submit “Window Washer” because lately I have been getting those virus warnings… I normally had never gotten those but it seems that they have been showing up more and more. I have continually added them to my list of “my personal whatever” but they keep on asking me. So instead of raising a fit about them, I just continually succumb to their nuisance. :slight_smile:


Plus, it greatly helps my learning to overcome my problem of impatience.

Safe list applies also for FW:

[b]Safe Mode[/b]: While filtering network traffic, the firewall will automatically create rules that allow all traffic for the components of applications certified as 'Safe' by Comodo.
I don't use µTorrent, but I'm sure the alert was for an incoming connection. That is what I get for Skype and Spotify (both are signed) with firewall set to Safe Mode.

We discuss an ‘annoyance’ with Defense+ blocking SynTPHelper.exe
This stops the TouchPad from working, so, can’t click Allow 88);topicseen

Would be helpful if this had trusted status :slight_smile:

All the best, woz of oz

Following applications that I uses;
Lingoes Dictionary
Revo Uninstaller
NX Client for Windows
Double Driver