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Please submit all applications you would like to see trusted here. Whenever possible provide links to the application/software. This will provide much faster results.

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  1. The name of the application/software
  2. A download link to the application/software (assuming you know that it’s not potentially dangerous)

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  1. Include the name of the application/software (if possible)
  2. Also upload the file to either Comodo Valkyrie , or VirusTotal and post a link to the results in your post

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@New_Style_xd you can drop the file here Comodo Staff will rate it as Trusted

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Application Name: MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX64
Download : Microsoft Edge WebView2 | Microsoft Edge Developer

Application Name: Spotify.exe
Download : Download para Windows - Spotify
IMG: VALKYRIE VERDICT - It is reporting as unknown.

In the total virus, XCitium is ok, the question is why is it not OK in VALKYRIE VERDICT?



Note: I wonder how come Valkyrie doesn’t have this program in her database?

Guys, we are talking about a program known worldwide. any database knows that it is legitimate, and COMODO does not.

Does anyone have any answers for this?

Whitelisted by Xcitium

And also at Valkyrie Verdict its Safe:

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It was only posted recently because the image I took yesterday was reported as unknown.

Guys, it’s been days since this file was whitelisted.
Does anyone at Comodo know if they will include it?

The file is Whitelisted by Comodo/Xcitium check it out at Xcitium Forums

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Hello friend, I took a look at the Valkyrie and it’s really ok now.
SHA-256 is listed clean.

Now I just have to update the CIS database, which will probably let me install normally, I’ll do the test.

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Its rated as Clean at Xcitium Verdict too

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I just want to thank you for your help regarding the files to whitelist.
What I see as good about this is that if everyone reports some programs or files, it will help the product get even better. :grinning:

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No Problem anytime if you have more files drop them here or at xcitium forums for Whitelist


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Friend, can you update to the new version. Thank you, installed successfully.

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if you have more files that needs to be Whitelisted by Xcitium drop them here or at Xcitium Forums and Xcitium/Comodo will whitelist the files

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Why does my Firewall keep blocking Spotify?

Even though you are on the white list?

You need to set a rule to not block it

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@Nik123 If you can help me on this matter. I’m grateful.
Application Name: auto-editor.exe


As you can see, everything is ok at XCitium.

The same file on Valkyrie is as unknown. how can you?

My CIS is locking the file that XCitium reports is “OK”.

High containment is blocking my file. I want you to check it and put it on the white list if possible, so I can continue developing the software I’m doing.

Below is the image of CIS blocking the file and its dependents. as the image below informs.

Below is the image of CIS locking the file.


I will be waiting to continue the work.

@New_Style_xd submit it to Cloud Verdict Customer Login | Xcitium Cloud Verdict

Look, I already did this and sent it to XCitium.
The image I posted of virustotal, XCitium detects it as Clean. the problem that the CIS blocks, which it was not supposed to block. and in Valkryie, as I sent the image, it is listed as unknown, the database is not talking to each other.