Submission of suspecious files.

My wish is that,
Anything that is detected from heuristics from Defense+ or the AV prompts the user to send that file to comodo for analyst. (Also have a Tick box in options to automatically send those files without prompt)

2: Just a bit Extra… Maybe a handy feature - That,
Have some sort of option that will automatically quarantine and submit those files to comodo, If found safe they are then restored to their original locations.

This is a great idea. I absolutely agree with Kyle that it would be a great feature that anything detected with the Heuristics can be easily submitted to Comodo for quick analysis. This feature would both reduce the number of False Positives and increase the effectiveness of the AV. A generic signature is much more powerful than Heuristics.

I also agree with point 2. It would be very beneficial for many users if this process could be automated. Also, I believe that version 4 is supposed to rescan the quarantine and restore any files that are now considered clean.

1)+1 when it gives me the possibility to send either at the moment or later by a right click on the entry in the AV logs.