Submission Error

I’ve got a few programs in my Unrecognized Files list that refuse to be submitted. I’ve had this happen before with quite a few other programs, but the two that aren’t working at the moment are related to the game Civilization IV. No matter how many times I try, it just say “Submission Error”. Is this a bug?

Try again later and see if it get submitted then. May be the server is temporarily down.

Actually, is there a size limit for uploading files? I noticed that one file is 10 MB, while the other is around 60 MB.

Here’s a file that refuses to upload:

I have other files that upload fine, but this one returns a submission error.

Here’s another one:

I have a few others as well.

Yep, same here. Nothing was submited.

Mister Mooth can you cross reference submission errors with size to see if it size related?

Even small files (~3MB or so) aren’t being submitted.

But I noticed that with a couple large files (10-60MB+) they get submission errors instantly. For the smaller files, they actually get compressed and uploaded, but they still return with submission errors.