Submission error - Unrecognized Files

I have noticed that sometimes, when I try to submit an unrecognized file to Comodo via CIS, I get a Submission error. I’m attaching a screenshot so you know what I mean. I have tried at distinct times, thinking it could be a server error. It doesn’t happen with every file though, so it is not a firewall or internet communication problem. The error appears instantly, as if no attempt to submit had happened.


How big is the file you are trying to send?

Ah, I should have guessed it was because of a file size limitation (CIS should say something more than just “submission error” though :P).

I have 3 files in my unrecognized list (installers for tversity media server, driver genius pro and an updater for adobe acrobat 9), which are 14, 9 and over 100MB each in that order, all 3 show this “submission error” message. What’s the file size cap? What do I do with those files in that list, is it safe to just remove them from there?