sub-console problems

After entering the sub-console by striking the home key at boot, I get the time machine interface but I can’t control my mouse and the keyboard is ineffective in selecting any option. I couldn’t even exit the interface but had to re-boot. My mouse is a logitech usb mouse but my keyboard is just a regular keyboard. I have not selected the option to disable the mouse.

Any ideas? :cry:

I did encounter the same problem to on one of my netbooks, but in my case it was only the mouse that failed to work. I solved it by setting USB legency devices in the bios to enabled. Maybe it works for you too.

It looks rather odd to me that your keyboard doesn’t work, because you can enter the boot console by tapping the home key. Would that not suggest that CTM does see your keyboard?

But hey… I’m new on this forum so who am i to tell :wink: