Where do I download v2.3.5 from. The Comodo website only shows v2.3.4 (when I register)




The latest version should be on the CPF site, I think they just haven’t updated the site to show the latest version.

sorry i’m not trying to steal this post or flame

I have another stupid question i used to use Mc [ at ] fee firewall and it had a “hooking” type setting so that even a if i poped a cd in it would hook the septup.exe and ask me if i wanted to run it i know that allot people think thats too much but i for one would love to see CF have a option to hook everything even background applications so that even windows can be policed I like to know weverything going on.

btw: love the GUI/and other than the formentioned topic i love it man please keep up the great work!

if you would like to respond to me directly you can find me here warrenc26 [ at ]

its seems this is in your wishlist area my bad sorry

but great product


Please post this request in the Current CPF Wishlist.

Hey TerryWood and craze,

There are no stupid questions, Questions are the way we learn.

Ewen has a good saying about these…
i think it was something like: The only Stupid quesiton is the un-asked ones. (or something like that … i am sure Ewen will correct it :slight_smile: )


I really have a stupid question. How do I start a new topic? For the life of me I cannot find where to do that so had to post as reply to this topic.


I believe you would have to stay in the title page listing all the topics\threads under it. Click on eg…“general discussion” but don’t go into the threads, you should see the option at the top.



Just a brief note on stupid questions. For those who think they have a stupid question, here is a true story. My wife’s aunt calls me on the phone, I had just installed her printer that day, she says something is wrong with it. She asked,“why is it printing upside down?” I froze and without insult by controlling my laughter I said, “Joan, turn the paper upright” . Yet, she learned something this day. So don’t ever feel any question is dumb, if you do re-read this, you’ll feel better. :wink:

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Hello all,
I am a new CPF user, and am looking for answers, as I am sure are most of you.
What is STUPID about this Question, is the heading, it gives no idea of the contents.
When looking for an answer we do not wish to trawl thu’ every Question.

So PLEASE give a sensible and informative Heading.
and save us all hours.

Best wishes Derek