struggling to install and use Comodo free Antivirus for linux‏

I have downloaded the software on my ubuntu linux 13.10, during the installation process, I got this error: The package is of bad quality. I chose ignore and further finished the installation. Once finished I ran the /opt/COMODO/ and the /etc/init.d/cmdavd restart. When opening the software I see this message: filesystem filter driver is not loaded. The command I ran, doesn’t seem to help. And when I ran the “run diagnostics”, it also doens’t rectify my problem. What can I do? Please assist me in this.

Hi orosjopie,

CAVL would need to be updated to be compatible with current Linux-distributions and -kernels. There is no official way to solve your problem, but you can take a look at this topic for an unofficial solution:

Thank you, will there be a update in the future for CAVL to accomodate or to be compatible with Ubuntu 13.10?

I have no information on upcoming releases.

If, as I suspect, Ubuntu 12.04.4 point release ships with kernel 3.11, CAVL will no longer be compatible with any of the main linux distros (except as an on-demand scanner).