strongly recommend pepper flash for dragon from a security aspect

the bottom page of this pdf has a chart why I recommend pepper flash. I don’t know if the info in this pdf is accurate but if it is then pepper is the best. can anyone confirm the accuracy of the info in this pdf?

[s]copy and paste this into a search engine and then click the top result…/BH_US_12_Sabanal_Digging_Deep_WP.pdf [/s]

Maybe a dumb question, but is there any specific reason you don’t put the actual link?

for some reason I couldn’t get the whole link. I don’t know why. glad you were able to. thanks for posting. I will edit my original post

It was recently linked to that pdf on Google Chrome Blog: Securing Flash Player for our Mac users. :slight_smile:


does anyone know if mozilla is going to improve the sandbox for flash in firefox

also is it more secure to use pepper flash or html5 for video

I think Adobe did a good job with Flash Player for Firefox, at least for Vista and later. Inside Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox
I believe they have reached the end of the NPAPI-road. To improve the sandbox, Mozilla would have to implement PPAPI in Firefox.

If PepperFlash has been ported to Native Client, that would be an advantage, but I don’t know if that is the case. Other than NaCl, I would say no.
But wait… Google to rebuild Chrome on secure foundation :wink: