strange thing when i exit comodo... [Resolved]

i click exit comodo so the taskbat icon dissapears and cfp.exe is not anymore in the process.
when i try to restart comodo, the icon appears then when i pass the cursor on it, it disappears, i cannot restart cpf.exe, it closes each time i try to restart it.
i’m on vista sp1, using kaspersky and superadblocker with comodo last build
so i have to log off vista and login to get my comodo back.
it’s a full install, i never use updates.
firewall is set in custom mode and defense+ in paranoid mode.

i If issue returns, PM a mod to open thread[/i]

none got the same prob when they exit comodo and try to restart it ?

Nope. Using and XP SP2.

It doesn’t happen here. I’m on Vista Ultimate without SP1.

What AV are you using?

Holly Comodo my blindness!

Well doesn’t this explain it? Comodo and Kaspersky never got along very well together.

But [at-bypass]'s sig indicates it’s only KAV not KIS, and they should be ok I think.

Hmm to tell you the truth I never used the combination of KAV + CFP, but I know some friends that just weren’t able to run on KAV + CFP in a proper way and turned to another AV or firewall.

You’re right. It’s worth a shot to try it without KAV and see what happens.

when u use both kasper and comodo, u must install kasper first, then got no probs.

hmm i still have the same prob, i’m going to reboot the laptop and see if all is fine, my machines are always on.

update : restart didnt work either, it logged me off.
i had to put defense+ in training mode instead of paranoid then i can exit and restart comodo now.
i set defense+ again to paranoid mode and it works now, i can exit it and restart too.

Glad you fixed it alief :slight_smile: