Strange static tray icon


every now and then a strange, static, tray icon appears (in the system tray) in place of the usual one - the icon is the one attached

i’m on windows XP SP2, latest version of comodo

anyone knows why this static icon pops up instead of the usual animated one, and if it’s all ok with the firewall when it is present in the system tray?

thank you!

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This static icon can be permanently disabled/ enabled by the “Show the traffic animation in the tray” option under the General tab in the Firewall settings.

As to why yours randomly changes I have no idea. The static icon should however indicate the same level of protection as the animated one.



point is that it’s not the same static icon that comes out when you disable the Tray Animation, it’s a different one with a fire in the back

(i think i’ll post later a pic of the twos)

ty !

i get the samething sometimes mostly when i use returnil virtual system
hope it’s fixed with the next relese :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

I actually want THAT one with the fire in the back because it looks better lol.

Oh well. Come the new skinning tool, I think we can all customize it, including the animated version :-TU.


if i may point out, it’s not a “skin” or graphical issue

we don’t know WHY that icon “with the fire in the back” appears


IF the firewall is still fully operational at that time

ty for ur support