Strange Request AFTER Yahoo Mail Login When Using Comodo Dragon

Hello there – I did a quick search on the Internet and could not find much on this other than speculation, so I wanted to post this here where some experts could possibly address it.

In recent days when I log into Yahoo email (yes, we have a seal on the page to make sure it’s not a phishing attempt) and after entering our user name and password, we’re now getting this page on a frequent basis (see below).

Some other details: It did not do it until recently and it does not do it all the time. I know that Yahoo has made some changes to their email setup including forcing users to upgrade to their new email, etc. It doesn’t happen in any other browser including Chrome and Explorer.

I just wonder if there is something different about Comodo that causes this to be triggered on Yahoo’s end or if there is some sort of javascript hack, virus, trojan, or other issue with my browser/computer causing this that I need to be concerned about.

I did look at the source code on the page, and at least the CSS, graphics, etc. seemed to be originating from one of Yahoo’s servers ( but I know these days, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not, so just asking for any help. I coudn’t see anything in the code that looked amiss. Any ideas? Thanks!

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