Strange: New Private Network Detected

I’m using desktop and a non-wireless adsl modem. This has never happen b4 except first installation of comodo firewall where it detected my first network (which is the only network i have). Then today it pop up “New private network detected” with an IP started with 165. and the rest of the number I forgot to memorize down =X .

Is this 165 IP strange? I click Close instead. Will this make my computer insecure in anyway?

Are you sure it didn’t start with 169?

The address range 169.245.X.X (usually 169.254.2.X) is used as a temporary IP address to “hold” the IP stack up when your PC is configured to automatically acquire an IP addrewss but can’t get to teh DHCP server or cannot receive any DHCP broadcasts.

Double check the alert.

Ewen :slight_smile:

yeah i’m sure it’s 165… it pop up twice… is there a way i can check it from to see if this lan exist in my comp?

Click START → RUN and in the little RUN window, type in CMD and press ENTER. This will open a DOS style window. In the DOS window, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press ENTER. This will display all IP entries currently extant on your PC.

Do these steps straight after you get the New Network message.

In the listing that results, you should be able to see at least one IP Address. Check if this matches the IP address shown in the alert. If not, write all of the down and post the details back here.

Ewen :slight_smile: