Strange network intrusions (probably utorrent related)

Hi I’ve been noticing strange network intrusion since last night … on my windows 8.1 with comodo internet security. It started after I browsed a couple of adult sites … my comodo usually asks when there is an unusual or unknown/new program is requesting connection to a certain ip which was: … I googled it and nothing pointed it out as a legit software/programs server location … so I blocked it. Then later on this morning I noticed there are 168 intrusion blocked on my comodo network intrusion list. Afterwards I ran scan using malwarebytes and no detection’s.

I did some additional researches and found the following topic, … so I took a look at the utorrent peers section and it seems couple of ip’s which is being blocked by comodo is infact from utorrent(see attached screenshot).

Based on whats being said on the mentioned topic from comodo forum … I suppose it could be that comodo did infact create this rule automatically to protect the system or it could have something to do with the IP that I blocked lastnight.

But whatever it maybe, if anyone have an idea if these are false positives or should i ignore the these intrusions or could they be actually harmful … please advise.
And also if its false detection, please fix this asap as with this false detection spamming the network intrusion list … users will probably miss actual detection’s which may results in bad user experience(a user might not notice a certain site they are using is actually harmful to them and they will keep using it).

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