Strange Network Intrusion.

I’m having an issue with my firewall. Today I came home and noticed something I’ve never seen before was listed under network intrusions. Could anyone explain to me what this means? I have IPV6 disabled via my networking adapter and also I blocked iw4sp.exe from connecting to the internet via Comodo Firewall last week. Also, the Router/Modem we have has IPV6 disabled because my gf needs it disabled in order to work at her office remotely from our home.

Edit: On Monday I noticed that the Windows Operating System was blocked via the Firewall and was trying to connect to a foreign address in Peru, so I blocked that address and have had no issues with that ever since.

Windows will constantly send out ICMPv6 Neighbor solicitation messages on a constant interval at I think is 30 seconds, but the firewall will attribute it coming from either the most recent opened application or the active/foreground process. For instance you could launch notepad and if you set the firewall to custom ruleset mode, you will eventually get an alert that notepad is trying to make an outgoing connection using ICMPv6 which would be that Neighbor solicitation message.

To fully disable IPv6 you need to edit the registry or use the Microsoft fix-it from here.