Strange IP connections

Now I’m not sure what any of these connections mean they just started happening. Should I be blocking them? It says ‘Windows Operating System’ so I’m not sure if I should be if these are actual thing that I need. I’m just confused, I have virus scanned my computer with Norton multiple times and it says I’m clean. Any suggestions or input you can offer?

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Hi SlappyGilmore, welcome to the forums.

The Application “Windows Operating System” means that the OS took responsibility for the traffic. This is usually due to the termination of the originating process that generated the traffic and is nothing to be concerned about assuming there was, to your knowledge, the sort of application that could generate such an event.

Since is a internal LAN IP and always outbound, this is probably your machine and your router/modem/etc, but you’ll need to confirm that.

The outbound traffic on TCP port 443 is HTTPS (an HTTP SSL connection) to (Twitter).

The outbound traffic on TCP port 80 is HTTP to (Amazon Cloud).

I’m not entirely sure what the outbound traffic on TCP port 1780 to (router?) is about. But, the above might have been caused by a browser/proxy crash/termination or something similar. You can check your Windows Application log to see if there was an application crash around the same time as the Firewall events.