Strange Download

I have come across something rather strange. When downloading THIS Program with Dragon i get the installer for Bluepoint security (very random) but when i download the software from that page in IE9 i get the correct Epson photo software.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. Its repeatable across many weeks and it is still doing it now. Could it be that epson site is badly coded for compatbility with Chronium?? Or is it a Dragon Issue?? But also where on earth did the blue point download come from??

EDIT: i have cracked it, I moved the epson download to my desktop and ran it and it installed the right program. I then copied the Bluepointsecurity installer i had sitting in my downloads folder to the desktop and re ran the Epson installer. Then funnily enough it ran the bluepoint setup. So for reason when unpacking the installer it loads the bluepoint point one no the correct one. Never came across anything like this before.

I downloaded epson327608eu.exe ( (SHA-1: C8B0DE636198FBE522AFD037655D192D5778A5FA) with Dragon beta, extracted the files, and one of the extracted files is setup.exe (Epson Easy Photo Print), signed by SEIKO EPSON Corporation. There is also an unsigned Setup.exe in the PMB folder (plug-ins for Epson Easy Photo Print). No other installers. :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks. So that shows that for some reason it launches the bluepoint security installer when they are in the same directory.