Strange behaviour

Comodo alerted me to some programs that were trying to connect to the net, some that I don’t remember trying to connect before. The strange thing is they all have ICMPV6 protocol which I haven’t seen before and I don’t know what it is. I was downloading with Utorrent at the time, so is it a possible attack or normal behaviour?

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I have a similar problem. I am using Win7x64

Ever since the last update, Comodo firewall has been popping up alerts that certain programs are trying to access the internet. Most of these programs have never needed internet access before or would not connect to the address:ports that comodo claimed. For example: comodo would say that csrss.exe or dwm.exe needed some internet access which has never happened before. I checked with curports and wireshark and those processes weren’t actually requesting a connection. Comodo was also saying that a certain web client was trying to connect to several different addresses, when in fact, it was not. Like the above poster, I also happen to be running uTorrent.

I have scanned the machine for viruses and malware so I assume the problem is with Comodo.

It is possible that this issue has already been covered by the inimitable Radaghast.

I have disabled ipv6 and have noticed no ill effects. My ISP does not support ipv6 at the moment.
You may on the other hand see some benefit to leaving it enabled, perhaps your ISP supports it and you beleive that it contributes to speedier torrent downloading.

This may be coincidental, but ever since I disabled ipv6, my downloads have been faster than my ISP’s claimed maximum speed. Of course I haven’t alerted them to that fact.
Probably coincidental right? :P0l

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Radaghast says:

I should note that the addresses Comodo reports are all IPV4 and none are IPV6 or ICMPV6. Maybe my situation and the OPs are different issues, but Comodo is still erroneously reporting that things are trying to connect to the net. exporer.exe lsass.exe csrss.exe seem to be reported the most

Naljubes. Please start your own topic for your problem. Your problem is nowhere related to the problem at hand in this topic.