Strange behaviour


First: Im dutch so i would like to apologize for my bad grammar. Second, i know the basics of a network and the security.
Since Comodo is being updated i have some weird behaviour. I have configured the firewall as followed:
Behaviour settings: Custom policy.
Alert settings: High.

Nevertheless, Comodo just accepts every connection from every program without any notification. I deleted all applications rules and started IE. I expected a notification but no, it just connected to the internet. If IE can acces the internet without any notification, so can other programs.
I have set the stealth port wizard to block every incomming connection but still, without any notification my PC just decideds if it accepts a connection or not.

I never had these problems with Comodo “2011”.

Please make sure the box highlighted in the image is not checked:

Firewall/Firewall Behaviour Settings/General Settings.

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