Strange behavior Comodo

Hi please help, there is a file potentially unwanted software, which is determined according to the site virustotal Antivirus Comodo, but if the file is not scanned due to viruses (comodo ignored file), antivirus database update last 23192! Tested on two computers, the result is the same!


Virustotal: VirusTotal

Thank you.

Hi alex cold,

The sample you have mentioned is detected by Comodo Internet Security version <> with database version 23193.

Harikrishnan M

Very strange:

After a scan found: 0

Update 23196 today, still ignored!

Hi alex cold,

Please change your CIS maximum file size limit to above the malware file then it will detect.Please refer the link below

Thank you now define, but I do not quite understand the meaning of this setting, it turns itself antivirus checks checksums files, only those that do not exceed 40 megabytes by default, or anti-virus ignores the files, and therefore this security hole! :o

P.S.: I think antivirus should not be limits, his work is this, find and neutralize!

How big is this file?

As always, everything is clear, in response to the silence! Bye!

This file is 60.4 MB ( 63346272 bytes ) in size and will be discarded because of the file size limit of the AV of 40 MB. Change that limit to 60,5 MB and CIS should be able to detect it.