Strange alerts regarding OLE Automation

Sometimes when I click on the new mail indicator in MSN Messenger (to start Internet Explorer and open hotmail), I get alerts that don’t seem to make sense. Rather than warning me that Messenger is trying to open IE, the message refers to a completely unrelated (but known) program. For example, the latest message refers to InCD.exe - “…\InCD.exe has tried to use the Parent application svchost.exe through OLE automation, which can be used to hijack other applications”.

InCD is part of the Nero CD/DVD burning software that allows packet writing, but I have no idea why I am warned about this program when I click on a link in MSN Messenger to open IE. I’ve had similar warnings about programs related to Power Producer.

Any one got any ideas what is going on?

I’ve been wondering about that myself. After reading through the forums, I would say that some believe that the application, in your case InCD, is actually trying to connect to the internet and to just allow it. But to us, it’s not as simple as that. We want to know why it’s happening when we are doing something else. :o Then there are others that believe that this firewall is confused and is alerting you to something that you may have used 2 hours ago. Depending on which camp you believe, I haven’t found a definitive answer.

I agree with Teq9er…
I think it’s an “issue” with CFP that needs to be resolved.
Until Comodo fix it, you can just allow and remember if you know it’s an legit app like in your case. Read the alerts carefully, so you don’t allow anything dangerous.

Is there a mechansim to report these bugs to them?

You can go to
and submit a support ticket.
You can post the answer you get here, so we can see what they say.